Saturday, December 31, 2005

Da Shock 2006

Hello Mindenki! Ujev alkalmabol kozze teszem a sokkot, nezzetek, rohogjetek es aztan fogjatok BE! Mert igy jobban erzem magam es Kesz. !!! LOL BUEK

Hey Everyone! This is a nu year and a nu beginning, so.... let me give you Da 1st Shock of 2006! Look, laugh and SHUT UP! I feel kinda good this way.

Just woke up and felt that the FuNK was with me and iz gonna be 4 da rest o da year too dudez!

2006... lets do this.


Omedetou Gozaimasu! BUEK HNY 2 ALL

Hey Mindenki!

Boldog ujevet kivanok mindenkinek, aki olvassa, egy templomban toltottem a pillanatot, nem banom, hogy nem partizok, mivel minden nap feler egy citadellaval!! LOL Szal most inkabb csendesen toltottem es kivantam a templomban. Sok emberert, es vegre magamert is. A sajat boldogsagomert is, ami ugy tunik eljovoben van. !!!!

Hey U guyz...

Well, ne. LOL I have just been to Nagasaki Shrine in Nishi-Ikebukuro i guess, not quite sure tho. LOL It was a very nice experience ringing the bell for happiness. And ive been with great friends, tho i have just learned that one of my very best friends, an amazing dazzling charming totemo reliable and unbelievably superb guy, Taku is leaving Japan for at least 2 years for Australia. How sad... FUK but he gonna be happy and im very happy for that!! Wish U all the best mate!!

Received a lotta mails from Hungary im amazed. Like from Bo, Dave, Zsike and Agent P! Those were the greatest gifts ever. May the FUNK be with u guys out there.

And happy nu year, lets drag our asses thru this year in hiphop also WORD YO!

DO your thang.


Sunday, December 25, 2005

Honto ni tanoshikatta desu neee...

Hey Yall.

Yesterday was one of the kraziest nites ever in my stupid worthless life i must say. Okay i been having some nice happenings that were just bangin my soul out of my body recently, but those were kinda real nasty things u know... Yesterday i went to Harajuku to visit one of my friends friends friends place. LOL From the freaking balcony you could see anything u need. No need to explain. Just like perfection: FLAWLESS. And the company was just amazing. It was a charming nice couple, the lady from Japan and the monsieur from France. Plus my friend Takashi and one of his best friends Miki-chan who is the kraziest woman living today. Laid back to the max and beyond. We had an undepictably perfect dinner with a LOL nicely inserted.

Okay the thing is that i just wanna tell you all that these magical people helped me to get through all the xmas pains and U KNOW which had been constantly on my mind these days. So BIGUP to all of U. Believe me when im sayin it was the best nite in my life. Im shocked. Still smiling and flattered. Dunno how to thank all this.

Maybe with my future attitude towards them. Yeah. :))

Oh and i just bought Dimitri!s house-de luxe selection. The album of the century. DAMN.

May the FuNk be with ya.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

BKK\\\Merry Xmas

Boldog Karacsonyt mindenkinek. Tuleltem a szentestet, nem volt olyan rossz, nah, de nem vagyok tul bobeszedu kedvemben ugyhogy legyen ennyi eleg mara. peace

Ja es innentol megprobalom ketnyelvusiteni a blogot a sok keres vegett! LOL

So Hey there my English speaking people in Japan and all over the world!! Just thought itd be nice for you to read some CR*P i do and feel. So from now on u gonna be able to check out whats going on in the mind of the biatch livin in E 104. :))

Just wanted to say merry xmas tho im not religious at all! Damn! Still it was quite harsh to spend yesterday for e.g. far from my family. WHATEVER im all right, been to a sweetass nice dazzling party with like sixty ppl all around. Wuz Dope. Met an Italian dude who was screaming at me from the other room while i was in the hallway somethin like this: Jo esteeeeet kivanok!! That is Goooood Evening in Hungarian and i was pretty shocked. He has been to Budapest and was able to speak all the basic stuff... What-so-Evuhh there was a chinese and a korean guy who also greeted me with different hungarian greetings so i was just knocked out without having any booze down in my throat dudes.

Of course after that came DA BOOZE YO! and everything went just blurry and i was in Neverland with all the stupid irritating blinking little fellahz flying in front of my eyes on our way home but might have been that it was this hyperspace extreme future metropolis all around. Hell yeah.

SO take care all-uv-ya guys out there and

*** May the FUNK be with Ya***

Royal Ninja :)

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Inage Ghetto Ride Yo

Ahh abba kell hagynom majd folytatom. Mert hirtelen mar ma mar holnap van... ehh. A csaszar szulinapja!! huhuuu...

A vju a forduloban.


Igen, maris olyan magasan vagyok.

M12! U Rock my world!!!

Alulrol tamadom be a parkolohazat.

nahat ez pedig inage es a hely, ahol nagyajabol eleg gyakran korizok. Sweet as it can be. bar nincsenek repedesek, amikben meg kellene halnom szoval unalmas. Ha ha!!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Places and misc.

Nah mindenkinek UDV es piisu.


Power Supply!

Power Europe - drumandbass in the sun. Nishi-Chiba

Ikebukuro - reggel. I Luv it.

Shinagawa Monster Eki - Leftover Pix

End of pt2.

Shinagawa eki high-tech indusztrialis space brutalis, nem kedves, de lenyugozo, forgalmas, sohasem csendes, pulzal mint egy emberi sziv, de gep mint az atom. Pittyeg, dudal, csikorog, kopog, csorog, remeg, a feszultseg meg zizeg es morog, az egesz annyira durva hogy arra nincs szo. Jah es akkora hogy minden alkalommal lemegyek. Es azert is kedves mert amikor megerkeztem Japanba meg aznap beutaztam Tokyoba ROGVEST es Shinagawa-ban leptem ki a vonatbol. Yess!!!

Ezen a teren verettek a sracok. Nem voltak gyengek, de a tecsim lemeriloben volt es eleg nehez volt ejszakai modban elkapni egy jo kepet, ugyhogy hagytam. Balra innen hagyjuk hogy mekkora hely van deszkazni. Padok korlatok csuszkalodoknak ugrandozoknak es a fenyek! Hat nem egy sparparkolo. LOL Bar az nem szamit.

Rajottem, hogy Shinagawa-ban eleg sok a deszkas, mert jo nagyok a terek es igy nem gaz a tomegben veretni. Eppen egy ures oramban jartam be az allomas kornyeket. DAMN. Bele sem fer a kepbe.

Tokyo *** The Eye of the Twisted

End of Pt1.

Street vision 2.

Spacewalk. Thru headphones: Jamiroquai - Supersonic

Science Fiction Reality. Urallomas a Foldon. Akar a Millenium Falcon is befuthatott volna.

Street vision.

Elottem Roppongi, mogottem N-Azabu.

Minden egyben. Szin, forma, feny, arnyek, fullon hangokkal.

Nishi Azabu, Tokyo.


Csak egy seta a jol megszokott utvonalon.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Diabolic Funk

Heaven and Hell (yeah... LOL) kisz vagyok olyan faradt vagyok egyfolytaban kanjit nyomatok az agyamba mer hetfon teszt. Mar almomban is kanjit latok! Persze ez enyhe tulzas. Ehh ... megyek ebedelni/

O meg a ket vilag hataraig kisert...

Hey tegnap ejjel megszallt az ordog. Ma reggel meg a szentlelek! Nemtom mi tortenik velem. LOL

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Kimono PT2 *****


Kimono. Yo! Im a samurai.