Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year with the Eye of the Twisted

I was standing in the street with my c in hand and couldnt really focus my attention to any particular thing around. I looked at the ill-colored sky and encountered a fully lit skyscraper in the background. It grabbed my attention for a second. On the ground level a sluggish, ice-cold movement of the winter air was my only company. I could hear the silent buzz of the power supply cables and amplifiers, could even hear the soft, indifferent emptiness of the confusing system of the narrow streets all around. I looked left. I looked right. Nothing. I was all alone in a metropolis of 12 000 000 inhabitants.

My discman started to spin my cd with a crazy speed and the melody boomed into my brain. I took a deep breath and left Japan for a second, my mind was racing all over the world, in the States where Steven is, at home, where my mother and brother are, and all of my great great friends... in Morocco, where Robin and his family were then, in Spain, in London, in BKK and then... i was just suddenly back to Japan. I realized how unbelievable my life is. How much i changed and how crazy things i been doing already ... I was happy for a second. Then i got back to my own self. Back in the streets of indifference and ill lights.

it was just five minutes alone. But what i felt then is just undepictable and im sorry but i have noo f(^_^#)king words for that ne.

Then i went back and got some BOOze yo



Blogger corisan said...

I want to see pictures of the new hairdo!!! POST THEM!!

X's & O's from Hokkaido!

1:47 AM


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